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        Welcome to St Christopher's...


        If you believe that children should experience a superb education that allows them to be challenged yet have fun, that encourages them to be confident as an individual yet understand how to play their part in a team - and if you think that curiosity, flexible thinking, resilience, initiative, perseverance and respect are important qualities for children to develop – then do come to visit us and experience firsthand what we have to offer.


        Message from Ms Crawford-Nash

        Welcome to St Christopher’s: a warm, fast-paced, creative and exciting place in which to learn. We set high standards for ourselves and our girls, which are met with enormous enjoyment and a dynamic, flexible approach to teaching.

        Every visitor comments on the warmth and the joy in the school; girls feel “at home” in our wonderfully conceived site – it is like entering Narnia. From the beautiful Edwardian house that holds court in the centre of our grounds to the elegant architect-designed buildings that skirt the edges of the site, girls find great delight in exploring our fairy garden, the fort, the Alice in Wonderland garden, Smaug’s cave, and our “room with a view” – the outdoor classroom with stunning views across the London skyline. 


        The hallmarks of our approach are uncompromising academic standards, achieved through an immensely flexible, creative and imaginative approach to developing our girls’ higher-order thinking and communication skills. One particularly wonderful tradition reflects this approach: our termly “OWL Awards” – awarded to one girl in each class for her effort, perseverance, creativity, social conscience and positivity. These are presented by Owlyn – a rather beautiful, dishevelled owl – with an imaginative presentation involving staff in a dramatic re-enactment. Our girls adore the ceremony – and the kindness and joy they show for their peers receiving awards is heart-warming.


        Our aim at St Christopher’s is to inspire in our girls a curiosity in the world around them, a confident articulacy, a warmth of engagement with others and a lively mind: I hope our website gives you a small snapshot of our exciting world of discovery. Do come and visit – we look forward very much to welcoming you to the school in the near future.


        Emma Crawford-Nash