A huge thanks to all the old girls for coming back on the evening of Friday 4 October. The old girls certainly used their height advantage to good effect early in the game, with the Year 6As having to work extremely hard in every contest.  The current girls played extremely well and challenged the old girls with speed and movement all around the court.  Both teams played some lovely netball to entertain the crowd with accurate shooting at both ends.  Many thanks to all the parents for attending.  Mrs Comber


St. C’s stepped back in time on Tuesday with a fantastic visit from the author and illustrator of Midnight at Moonstone! Lara Flecker and Trisha Krauss came to speak to the girls all about the history of fashion and the clothing that inspired their new book. Lara lead a workshop where she told the girls about her career in dress conservation at the V&A, allowed the girls to try on fashion from the past and explained the inspiration behind different character’s clothing. Trisha encouraged the creativity of the girls and got them each to design their own Georgian dress! At the book signing, these new dress designs inspired the book sellers so much that they requested a few and are now on display at Daunt books in Hampstead! It was a wonderful day for everyone!

Miss Elvidge


On Friday 3 May the whole school took part in an afternoon of Maypole dancing and old games to celebrate May Day.  There were 4 stations set up around school that the girls visited in their houses.  The girls experienced French skipping, marbles, yoyo’s, bowling, hop scotch and also some delicious Victoria sponge cake and lemonade. The year 6 girls were extremely helpful by looking after the rest of the school and running all the activities.

Mrs Comber


As part of their citizenship project, Year 6 walked to Belsize village square to do some observational watercolour painting of their local area and produced some wonderful artwork.  

Miss Elvidge


Year 3 and 4 had a wonderful and exciting opportunity to work with professional artists from the House of Illustration. Each year group learned new techniques whilst working with their artist, exploring line drawing and using new materials! Year 3 focused on a project based in medieval art and created the ‘Beasts of Belsize’ after exploring medieval manuscripts. Year 4 focused on the Tudors and explored the daily life of ‘normal’ Tudor people, creating collages and using printing in their creations. Overall, all of the girls had an amazing experience and there was so much brilliant work produced, which is displayed around the school for everyone to see.

 Miss Elvidge 


Last term, we had an action-packed Bronte charity day where we raised money for the NSPCC. Children were treated to a disco with the latest tunes, and parents generously contributed to our swishing sale. Together we raised a total of £1488! Bronte House and Vice Captains were able to present the cheque to our NSPCC representative Alana Warner in assembly today. We feel proud that our efforts will go such an important charity and help other children learn how to stay safe.  Miss Edgeworth




Wow, what a busy week it has been! The girls have loved seeing learning brought to life through different well-loved stories in lessons throughout the week. As well as this, they have taken part in outdoor activities during lunchtimes, entered into several book-themed competitions, and have had to STOP! and READ! at different points throughout each day.

Each class has enjoyed being visited during the week; Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were in fits of giggles during their drama workshops, which helped them to explore the well-loved stories Owl Babies and The Twits. KS2 enjoyed meeting the wacky Caroline Lawrence, author of the Roman Mysteries series, and particularly appreciated finding out what use the Romans had for a sponge on a stick… Then, lastly, Year 6 were treated to a visit by the multi-award winning author Teri Terry, and even managed to get their hands on her newest release, Fated.

As Friday rolled around, it was sad to think that all the festivities were drawing to a close. However, looking out on a sea of girls in costume really made the week finish with a bang! Thank you to all the girls for embracing Book Week so wholeheartedly, and happy reading to you all!

 Miss Fowler

 “I have brought my daddy’s book, ‘Le Lion’.  It is very special to me.  It’s about a girl called Patricia who looks after lions and I have come dressed as her.” Tali, Reception

 “Book Week was a really good week because we got to read lots of books. I loved ‘stop and read’ because you had to stop what you were doing and read!” Rose, 2L

 “I liked dressing up, as it was fun to be in someone else’s shoes and made me think more carefully about that character – I was Stig of the Dump!” Olivia, 5E

 “Every year, amazing authors come to visit our school. They inspire us to read, write and imagine.” Mia, 6F

Year 3 - Hampstead Christmas Tree Competition

Jewel Book Week - The 1920s

During our exciting Jewel Book week we learned all about the 1920s. In Art, this inspired us to create art from this amazing decade, from famous Art Deco buildings, Winnie the Pooh watercolours, Underground posters from the period, jazz club posters, Vogue covers and famous children’s books. We loved exploring all of the different types of art found in the Roaring 20s! Miss Elvidge

Year 6 Rememberance Day Poppy Installation

This week, Year 6 worked on an important art installation. We spoke about the importance of the poppy as a symbol of remembrance and used plastic bottles to create poppies to decorate the staircase in the entrance hall. This display helped to encourage many interesting discussions about poppies as this year will mark 100 years since the end of World War One.  

 Miss Elvidge


This week, the school has been alive and buzzing with the sound of poetry! Throughout the week the girls have enjoyed exciting activities in English lessons, put together a poetry washing line full of beloved poems (pegged next to some smelly socks, naturally), participated in assemblies focusing on rhythm and rhyme, wondered what makes a poem a poem in philosophy lessons, had a visit from a poet in KS1 and last but not least experienced an unmissable poetry slam from KS2.

A big thank you to MC Swanton who helped host the poetry slam final, as well as all of our finalists.

All in all, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a love of language and the abundance of creativity our St. C’s girls have to offer!

Miss Fowler 


The girls put a great effort into their costumes to celebrate Languages Day this year. From Coco Chanel to the Queen of England, we had many famous European figures around the school.  The Flamenco dance workshop was great success. Girls also enjoyed playing games and answering questions about European countries and languages at break and lunchtime. Thank you to the chefs for preparing us delicious dishes from all around Europe!  Miss Martineau

Ballet Club 

On Monday 10 September our Year 1 ballerinas had their first lesson with the Bluebirds Ballet School.

North Charity Pool Party

Years 3, 4 and 5 Outdoor Learning Day

Years 3, 4 and 5 enjoyed a sunny day on Hampstead Heath last week. The girls took part in a series of activities that included watercolour painting in the style of Constable, inventive hirameki artwork, creating beautiful origami butterflies, calm mindfulness meditation, playful teamwork and communication games, as well as a scavenger hunt for colourful natural materials.  Miss Ullman

Year 1 Roman Workshop

Year 1 travelled back in time and transformed into Romans during their invasion of Britain, right as Boudica and the Iceni were fighting back! The day was filled with many jobs – writing letters, making badges, creating tiles, practising fighting techniques and squeezing olives for fresh olive oil. Don’t worry though, there was also some relaxing in the Roman baths. In the afternoon, we celebrated our success and had a large feast!  Miss Vega


Sports Day 2018


The 2018 edition of Sports Day was completed under blue skies once again! The picturesque Parliament Hill Athletics track provided the perfect venue, with all spectators witnessing some excellent competition. All of the KS1 girls participated in their own activity zone, comprising of the obstacle course, long jump, hurdles, shuttle relay, sprint, rob the nest and vortex throw. The girls shone in front of a bumper crowd, with the most exciting event, the team shuttle relay, bring their day to a close. Well done girls!!  The KS2 girls were all involved in a jam packed schedule of both track and field events. The two premier events, the 100 metre sprint and the team shuttle relay, book ended the day for the girls, with numerous other running and field events performed in-between. Inspirational performances were witnessed on the day, across all year levels. These did not go unnoticed by the crowd who supported with tremendous energy. The winner was announced in assembly and introduced by our International Security Expert, much to the amusement of the girls! Back to back to back wins for Nightingale, well done girls! A huge thank you to all the parents and supporters who attended and cheered on the girls.



1st: Nightingale

2nd: North

3rd: Pankhurst

4th: Bronte


 Mr Swanton 


To celebrate the start of summer, Years 1, 2 and 6 visited Hampstead Heath for the day last week. We were lucky to have the Year 6 girls leading the younger girls on a rotation of different activities across the curriculum, as part of their wider citizenship programme. The girls had a lovely time creating art from nature, performing dramatic role-plays, going on scavenger hunts and playing a variety of maths, sport and teamwork games! Miss Ullman 





Year 4 designed cities in maths

Year 4 have been working on an exciting project in Maths. They were given the task of designing a new city by using their knowledge of maps, 3D shapes and visualisation. We came up with some fantastic ideas, some cities even having their own Globe Theatre and a grave yard! Miss Elvidge

Year 1 made healthy sandwiches

The girls in Year 1 were tasked with creating a healthy sandwich for a teacher. They created a questionnaire to establish their likes, dislikes and any allergies they have. They then used the questionnaires in maths to create tally and bar charts of the most popular bread, meat and salads. When lovingly making their sandwich, they focused on having good hygiene; keeping their hands clean, washing the necessary ingredients and tying their hair back.  ​Miss Coyle


On 18 March our Gym Club competed in their first competition, The BSGA Novice event at Lady Eleanor Holles School. Well done to the team, and thank you to Ms Baily for coaching them. 

​Year 1 made music with cardboard...and carrots!

Year 1 have been exploring sound in science and healthy eating in DT this term, so it seemed only natural that they should make sweet music with a carrot!  They were inspired to create their own instruments using recycled materials, trying to make sounds in a variety of ways; plucking, blowing, shaking and banging. Miss Coyle

Visit and coaching from Olivia Rae - Scottish International Cricketer

All the Year 3-6 pupils were lucky enough to meet and be coached by Scottish International Cricketer Olivia Rae last week. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to have tuition from not only an international cricketer, but also an experienced cricket coach. The sessions were brilliant, with all the girls having a great time learning all the skills of cricket, while playing some really enjoyable little games. The girls were also involved in a Q and A with Olivia, with some insightful and thoughtful discussions had.

The school was lucky enough to get the services of Olivia through Lydia Greenway, Cricket for Girls  ( ), an organisation formed to get more girls involved in and playing cricket. If your daughter has been inspired to get into cricket, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me at school for more information.   Mr Swanton 




Anti-Bullying Week was a nationwide initiative held between the 13th and 17th November 2017, organised by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.  This year, the theme was ‘All Different, All Equal’ and to show our support, we wore odd socks to school on Monday 13th November, allowing each girl to express themselves and appreciate their individuality. 

Miss Edgeworth


Fran Watson, who works for the ‘nrich’ organisation at Cambridge University, visited school this week to run workshops for Reception, Years 4, 5 and 6.  Fran helped the girls to work on their problem solving, reasoning and visualisation skills through the medium of paper folding.  This involved creating skeletal octahedrons (without any instructions!) in Year 6, four point pinwheels in Year 5 and Jackson cubes in Year 4.  Reception worked at building their mathematical vocabulary and positional language by describing the placement of different pieces of paper.  The girls enjoyed the challenge and revisited the importance of adding a very small word to the end of their sentence when feeling frustrated… “I can’t do it, yet!”  Miss Thomas


The Take One Picture Project is run annually by the National Gallery and invites schools to focus on a specific painting in their collection. This year they chose a fresco by Pintoricchio, entitled Penelope with her Suitors. We began our project by showing this painting to each class in the school, giving them the opportunity to give their first impressions and ask questions about what was happening within the piece. The teachers then used the pupils' ideas to pull out themes that each class was interested in investigating further. Our recent exhibition demonstrated the wide range of responses and journeys taken over the half term, from 3D boats to newly designed snacks, muscial soundscapes to comic strips.