The Reception girls had a wonderful time on our trip to Willows Farm. Highlights included feeding goats, cows and horses, cuddling a Guinea pig, taking a trip on a tractor and watching a cow being milked! We spent the afternoon exploring Peter Rabbit’s playground, complete with Mr McGregor’s garden and Mrs Tiggy Winkle’s tiny kitchen.


Miss Schierenberg

Angele Mambangula - Culture and Education Visit

Excitement spread across Year 4 as we walked through the Library door in order to meet Angele Mambangula. She is a visitor from the Democratic Republic of Congo and she came to teach us about the culture and education of similar aged Year 4 children. She taught us how to speak some phrases of lingala, how to tie a headdress and we were able to sample some of her cooking which included fried plantain slices and savoury doughnuts. We all enjoyed the lesson and had fun learning new things. 

Mrs Hall Kernot 

Hampstead Art Fair

St Christopher’s Art Club participated in the Young People’s Art Fair in Hampstead. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to be creative and they each painted pictures on the theme of ‘Fantasy Landscape.’



During the 1920s themed Jewel Book week in Autumn Term, both Year 5 classes created a collaborative collage inspired by 1920s tube posters. Photographs of these recreations were sent to the London Transport Museum who thought they were fantastic and shared them on their Instagram account!


Daunt Books

After the success of Midnight at Moonstone, Daunt books contacted St. Christopher’s to ask if they could borrow some of the wonderful paper dolls that the girls created at their workshops with Trisha Krauss. They are currently on display in the window of Daunt Books in Hampstead so if you have time do pop by and see them!  


Miss Elvidge

Year 6 trip to the Royal Courts of Justice

Year 6 visited the Royal Courts of Justice where each girl was given a role to play in the mock trial of a serious crime, in a real court room.

Miss Elvidge

Reception, Years 1 and 2 Outdoor Learning on Hampstead Heath

Years 3, 4, 5 Outdoor Learning on Hampstead Heath

Year 5 visit to the V and A

After studying Frida Kahlo this term, Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to visit the V&A exhibition dedicated to her life ‘Making Herself Up.’ We had a brilliant time exploring the works of art and items that belonged to her. Then Year 5 went around the other galleries, particularly the works of art from the Stuart and Hanoverian periods that they are studying in their history lessons. They found a Hurdy Gurdy, went on an interactive evening in Venice and found the portrait of Marie Antoinette. 

We had a wonderful visit!  Miss Elvidge 

Years 1 and 2 Outdoor Learning on Hampstead Heath

Years 1 and 2 headed to Hampstead Heath to celebrate the start of another school year and to spend time partaking in activities in their new form classes. From Mandarin activities and nature number bonds to fairy houses and capturing the flag, the girls had a wonderful time experiencing autumn outside. Miss Ullman

Year 2 trip the the V and A

Year 2 spent a wonderful day at the Victoria and Albert Museum, discovering a range of both ancient and modern materials in the China gallery. The girls were set the task of creating their own gifts for a Chinese Emperor out of materials which resembled what they had seen in the gallery. Inspired by the artwork on display, they enjoyed manipulating materials to construct their gifts.  

They were also given the opportunity to explore the South Asian and Islamic Art galleries, using their observational skills to draw pictures of what they could see. The girls were particularly drawn to the patterned Islamic carpets, notably the dominant Ardabil carpet, as well as the Indian jali.   Miss Lewis 

Year 5 visit to Regent's Park Mosque

On 21 June Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Regent's Park Mosque to enjoy a guided tour, traditional Islamic stories and a question and answer session. It was a very interesting afternoon for staff and girls alike. Miss Elvidge

Reception trip to Willows Farm

The Reception girls had a wonderful time on our trip to Willows Farm. Highlights included feeding goats, cows and horses, cuddling a Guinea pig, taking a trip on a tractor and watching a sheep race. We spent the afternoon exploring Peter Rabbit’s playground, complete with Mr McGregor’s garden and Mrs Tiggy Winkle’s tiny kitchen. ​Miss Schierenberg

Year 2 trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Year 2 had a ball at Whipsnade Zoo! It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic the girls were about applying their learning in science to real life. From African hunting dogs to seals, the girls were overwhelmed by the amount of animals in the park. They were curious and posed interesting questions about animal hygiene and habitats. The real highlight was when they got to stroke a live python! Miss Lewis 

​Year 5 Residential trip to The Grove

Year 5's trip to Wales was a great success. The girls thoroughly enjoyed all the activities on the beach and in the woods, under a glorious weather. They particularly loved Roman Day, dressing up, cooking, weaving, making jewellery and pretending to be soldiers. They were an asset to the school with their positive behaviour and excellent attitude. Miss Martineau 

​Year 4 Residential trip to Marchant's Hill

Year 4 visit to St Paul's

On a much brighter day than before, Year 4 set off on their adventure to finally explore St. Paul’s Cathedral. We saw the mausoleums of great historical figures, such as Nelson and Wellington, explored the dome with its glittering ceiling and climbed to the top of the Whispering Gallery. We have all been very inspired by the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren. Miss Elvidge

​Year 3 trip to the Science Museum

On Thursday 26 April, Year 3 donned their lab coats and headed to the Science Museum. They began their exploration with a treasure hunt through Space that was truly out of this world. After impersonating astronauts (and the moon) they headed to the Wonderlab to do some interactive experiments of their own. Here they really put flexible thinking to the test: defying gravity, using thermal imaging cameras, fixing broken circuits, constructing pipework, trying out friction slides and even winching themselves up to the ceiling on pulley-powered chairs. Miss McKerchar 

Year 5 Robotics at Camden Learning Centre

​Reception trip to the Discover Story Centre

As part of Book Week, the girls in Reception set out to visit the Discover Story Centre. They heard all about Hooter who came from Squiggly Diggly land and how his land had sadly ran out of stories. They played on his rocket, slid down the sky slide and explored his observatory before creating their very own wooden spoon puppets and weaving a story just for him. They spent the afternoon enjoying the outdoor garden area; driving taxis to imaginary lands, flying down fireman poles to explore new planets, and sailing pirate ships out to sea.  Miss Schierenberg

​Year 4 trip to the Globe Theatre

One snowy day, Year 4 set out on an adventure to explore Shakespeare’s Globe and climb St. Paul’s Cathedral. We braved the snow and reached the Globe in time for a fantastic tour where we learned all about Shakespeare and the theatre. We shared our knowledge on Tudor England and learned some very interesting new facts. After a drama workshop we had to abandon the next stage of our journey to St. Paul’s and return to snow covered St. Christopher’s. Although it was a short trip, it was a super experience. Miss Elvidge and Miss Legg  

Year 2 trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

This term in Year 2 we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The girls were therefore very excited to visit the Roald Dahl Museum and learn more about the talented author. They were keen to share their own knowledge of Roald Dahl’s wacky and wonderful characters, and eager to explore what inspired Roald Dahl to create them. The girls were given the opportunity to design their own characters, taking inspiration from the writer’s stories. It was a special experience which will no doubt encourage the girls to read more of the author’s extraordinary books. Miss Lewis  

Year 5 trip to The Courtauld

The girls in Year 5 packed their sketchbooks in their bags and set off to explore the Courtauld gallery this week. They were lucky enough to be greeted by two fantastic artist educators, who swept them away on a tour of key paintings from the Impressionists and beyond. Using chunky graphite blocks gave them the opportunity to experiment with tonal sketching when looking at a piece by Degas and they focused on the composition and the narrative behind paintings by Van Gogh and Manet. The girls learnt that the Impressionists were particularly fond to painting ‘en plein air’ and so, in a brief moment of wionter sunshine, they took the chance to make their own quick sketches of the London skyline from the Millienium Bridge and South Bank. We all left having gained a wonderful insight into this period and with plenty of inspiration for future artwork of our own. Special thanks to all the staff who joined us and sketched alongside the girls in the gallery with such enthusiasm!

Year 1 trip to Shrek Adventure

To introduce our new ‘Fairy tale’ topic, Year 1 visited Shrek Adventures, where we travelled by flying bus to the Far Away Kingdom. Upon arrival, we interacted with lots of well-known fairy tale characters, such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rumpelstiltskin! We also had a story-writing workshop where we learnt how to structure our own stories and consider how our characters feel and move.

We were also excited to be on the Southbank and see some of the London Landmarks we have been learning about in geography this term, such as The London Eye and Big Ben!  Miss Coyle

Year 4 visit to the Unicorn Theatre

The Year 4 girls had an enjoyable trip to the Unicorn Theatre this week. We watched Laika, a magical play about space, bravery and a little dog. The set was fantastic, and music and puppetry helped to bring the story alive for the girls. As the play was ending and the ‘rocket’ took off, there was a shower of sparks which brought excited gasps from the audience. A wonderful time was had by all!  Miss Legg

Year 5 visit to the Unicorn Theatre

On Wednesday 18 October Year 5 travelled by tube to the Unicorn Theatre to see Laika, an inspiring play about the journey of a dog to Mars. They also learnt about the hardships of being an astronaut. We all enjoyed it and the girls were a tribute to the school thanks to their excellent behaviour.

Miss Martineau

Year 3 trip to the Tower of London

On Tuesday 19 September, Year 3 ventured to the Tower of London to immerse themselves in the history of The Normans. Through drama activities, the girls learnt about William I, as both conqueror and king, and his legacy. They had the opportunity to explore The White Tower; gaining a better understanding of the fortress and the power it represented.  Miss Edgeworth