Ensuring the happiness and wellbeing of the girls is at the heart of the school and our goal is to help each pupil choose their own path with confidence, knowing that they will remain safe and secure in our care. Our staff members are well placed to support pupils pastorally, dealing quickly with issues that arise and facilitating resolutions, whilst developing self-assurance in the girls. 

    We challenge the girls at St Christopher’s to investigate, take risks and be actively engaged in their education, and as a small school community we are in an excellent position to support them in these endeavours. Form teachers are the girls' first port of call for any problems or concerns and offer them a nurturing environment in which they are supported.

    Time to talk in the Wellbeing Pod can be requested by pupils directly, or via form teachers or parents. The girls simply place a note in the red post box outside the E-pod and a teacher on the Wellbeing Team will find them, offering them a time to talk about anything they feel they need help with. We also invite small groups into this listening space, making it available to everyone and ensuring that all pupils feel comfortable accessing it should they need to in the future. You will see displays and information around the school about positive mental health, reminding the girls where they can seek support both within the school and outside the school

    Parents and carers have an important role in promoting and supporting the wellbeing of their children. On joining St Christopher’s, we ask parents to inform us of any issues that they think might have an impact on their child’s wellbeing and encourage them to maintain an open dialogue  between home and school, so that we can work together to support their child. Throughout the year, we organise a range of workshops and talks for parents. Recent topics have included introductions to mindfulness, mental health, the ‘tweenage years’, digital awareness, the 11+ process, and How to be a 21st Century Parent. 

    Where to get information and support

    We have a dedicated Wellbeing Team at St Christopher’s who are always happy to meet with parents to discuss any issues that may arise. They will also be able to offer support finding external organisations and services that you and your family may find beneficial.

    Camden Council coordinates the community mental health services available to children and young people in the borough under the name Open Minded. We are also fortunate enough to have the Tavistock Centre Child and Family Services on our doorstep: Tavistock Centre, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA. Telephone: 020 8938 2241. Email: tpn-tr.CYAF-Intake@nhs.net. Website: www.tavi-port.org

    For general information and support, you may find these websites useful:

    www.youngminds.org.uk champions young people’s mental health and wellbeing

    www.minded.org.uk (e-learning)

    www.time-to-change.org.uk tackles the stigma of mental health

    www.rethink.org challenges attitudes towards mental health