Whole School Events


    Year 3 created gruesome shadow puppets based on their English topic of Greek Myths. They learnt how a shadow changes with different materials: opaque materials, translucent materials and transparent materials. Testing the puppets was exciting. Hiding behind a white sheet, they were able to create different shadow sizes to scare their peers!


    Miss Radhanauth


    St. C’s stepped back in time on Tuesday with a fantastic visit from the author and illustrator of Midnight at Moonstone! Lara Flecker and Trisha Krauss came to speak to the girls all about the history of fashion and the clothing that inspired their new book. Lara lead a workshop where she told the girls about her career in dress conservation at the V&A, allowed the girls to try on fashion from the past and explained the inspiration behind different character’s clothing. Trisha encouraged the creativity of the girls and got them each to design their own Georgian dress! At the book signing, these new dress designs inspired the book sellers so much that they requested a few and are now on display at Daunt books in Hampstead! It was a wonderful day for everyone!


    Miss Elvidge